Restore Photos Before It’s Too Late….

Damaged Photo

One thing we do notice when restoring photos are the differing levels of damage we’re presented with each photo repair. What isn’t in doubt is the sooner you restore old photos, the better.

Obviously we want to be the ones restoring your old photos and we take great pleasure and pride doing so but regardless of whether you use Red Rose Photos for your photo restorations or you use someone else there is a shelf life for a photo and delaying could be crucial.

It’s not necessarily the age of the photo that dictates how long it will last either. Like most things in life, it’s how you take care of the photo. A hundred year old photo kept well will be in a better condition than a twenty year old photo that’s been exposed to the sun in a frame. The good news is that any photo can be improved. The big factor is how well that photo can be repaired….

If you have an old photo that’s special and in need of repair take care of that photo today. Whether that means having the photo professionally restored or preserving the damaged photo in it’s current state in a protective sleeve until such time that you do want the photo restoring, it’s best to act sooner rather than later. A damaged photo is only going to deteriorate more with time and from our point of view the sooner we can work on a badly damaged photo the better.

Take a look at a recent example to see how effective this old photo was restored. Another few years and that may not have been achievable.

By Brent Di Cesare

Restored Old Photo

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