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Restore Old Photos
Restore Old Photos - Photo Art

Restoring old photos isn’t always just about repairing damage such as rips, stains and creases. An old photo can be enhanced through photo editing that will take a photo from good to exceptional.

To demonstrate this, in this weeks photo restoration blog we’ve taken an old photo of George Best playing for Northern Ireland against Wales in 1970. Quite an epic photo in it’s own right however we saw some potential to take the photo that bit further and it serves as a good example of how we can take a photo and not only take it to the next level but personalise the photo as well.

Personally I don’t think green in a black and white photo looks as good as the red effect, so because George played for Manchester United we’ve first of all edited out the Northern Ireland badge and made the shirt red. In itself this gives the image that artisitic black and white with red effect. However, we’ve then changed the little girls coat to red as well. Why? Well for one it makes for a great artisic image. For two, it also does what all good art should. It means different things to different people.

What does it mean to you?

By Brent Di Cesare

  1. BenBen01-11-2013

    Great art effect. My mum loved George Best and went to see him play in the sixties when she was quite young. To me the photo depicts the start of the love affair.

  2. Brent Di CesareBrent Di Cesare01-11-2013

    Interesting interpretation Ben. I’ll hold off on the reason we came up with this effect for now but a picture doesn’t have a wrong or right meaning, it’s how you interpret it.

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