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Photo Restoration the good the bad and the ugly

Photo restoration the good the bad and the ugly is our guide to avoiding the many pitfalls and making sure you get the best service possible when searching on Google. Because when considering a photo restoration service there are a few important things to consider. Most importantly, obtaining the best service for you.

Stereotypically many people will just type photo restoration or photo restoration service in to Google when looking to restore old photos. And why shouldn’t they? The results will be concise and accurate and list off businesses that specialise in photograph restoration.

There are some bad – or warning signs – to this option though and in fairness it’s applicable to any Google search. First of all consider Google ads. They will appear in the top three positions and all down the right hand screen of your page.

Photo Restoration UK

In the example image above I’ve just taken a screen print of a quick Google search I’ve just run for the term “Photo restoration”. Looking at the results you will see Red Rose Photos and my face coming in at position four on the list. This however, isn’t because Google considers us to be the fourth best option to a customer. Quite the opposite in fact. Red Rose Photos is actually the number one business that ranks naturally as a photo restoration service. The reason three so called businesses rank higher is because they are using Google ads.

It’s almost impossible to see in the image but the top three searches are actually on a light pink background. This is meant to make the searcher realise that these are adverts and not naturally ranking sites. These sites basically pay Google money to put their site there and the highest bidder gets position one and so on. The cynic in me says Google has this hard to see pink background because they actually want these ad sites to get more traffic and business so they compete more to pay for those positions. In fact scrub that, it’s not cynical it’s a fact.

So you get sites like Red Rose Photos and others who are professional businesses with a credible service who rank high on the rankings naturally because they are credible services with a history. Then you get these other companies who pay to appear at the top. The question is do they offer a good service?

The honest answer is I don’t know? But consider this. Take the top company who is paying money to appear on that list every time someone searches for photo restoration. That particular business and the others who have paid don’t appear naturally on the first page of Google. To be blunt they wouldn’t show up as an option for your the customer to click on if they didn’t pay to. Straight away that would be a red flag to me.

Then when you visit their sites you’ll also find that many of them aren’t based in the UK. The .com sites are obvious but even the .uk sites when you look at their sites and try to find out where they are based on the about us page are hard to pin down. Why? Because they are foreign sites from India, America etc who are paying to rank high over here and take business, fronting as legitimate UK businesses.

In short the customer is being deceived. Which is fine if you agree to it. The issue is many people don’t.

They see a site at the top of the page and assume it’s there because it’s a quality service. The reality is if it’s an advert site – look carefully and see if it’s under a pink background in the top three places – you really don’t know what you’re paying for.

And if it’s photo restoration I’d steer clear and go with the naturally ranking professional services who rank high because of their reputation.

By Brent Di Cesare