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Photo Effects Christmas Special

Photo editing isn’t just about Photo Restoration and with Christmas fast approaching we demonstrate here how we can turn edit your photos in to something extra special this Christmas.

In the first photo, below left, we have a photo of two children looking out the window. A typical photo taken that on first glance is nice but nothing out of the ordinary. However, it’s a perfect example of how a photo as straightforward as this can be enhanced in to something truly spectacular.

In the second photo, to the right, we’ve applied our sketch effect photo editing techinque to the photo. Already this makes the photo look much better and in itself can make a fantastic gift printed on some quality paper and framed. We’re going for something festive though so the editing continues below.

Photo Editing Christmas Special 1
Photo Editing Christmas Special 2

In the next photo we wanted to create a very festive scene and use the children looking out the window to highlight that. With the window becoming the focal point we edited in two seperate christmas photos and manipulated the photo to make those pictures fit in to the panes of glass. We’ve then used the sketch effect and photo restoration editing to make the photo look realistic before applying the sketch effect again. This leaves us with the photo bottom left, which is now a magical Christmas scene with the two children looking out the window at Father Christmas flying by.

In the Photo to the right we’ve then added a vignette effect to the photo, an oval photo with fade effect, to finish the photo off and provide a perfect Christmas scene.

Photo Editing Christmas Special 4
Photo Editing Christmas Special 2

I’m sure you’ll agree the transformation from a simple photo to a unique personalised Christmas image is something really special and the possibilities once we’ve created this scene for you are endless. A photo like this can be uploaded on to personalised Christmas cards, calenders, mugs, etc. Or why not print the image on some quality paper and frame the photo to keep as a cherished photo.

The above photo is an example of what we can do and if you don’t have an ideal background to photo your children, like we have with the window in this scene, just send us the photo of your children looking out of any window and we’ll manipulate them in to this background.

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