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"Our Wedding Photo Retouching is second to none.With our Photo Retouching service the photo is only the beginning. Our retouch skills will transform the ordinary to the extraordinary"


Perfection is sometimes hard to achieve. However, with our photo retouching perfection is within your grasp. Whether it’s wedding photo retouching or a photo that needs that magazine cover look, Red Rose Photos leads the way in affordable professioanl photo retouching..

The above three images are examples of the retouching services we can offer. Working from left to right we have a standard family photo from a wedding. The photo is of a decent standard but can be greatly enhanced using our wedding photo retouching techniques. The middle image is an example of how eye colour can be retouched effectively, in this case from blue to brown. Then in the image to the far right we retouched the photo to take it from the ordinary to perfection. We have changed the suit colour from black to blue, completed cosmetic photo retouching on the male’s teeth by whitening them and reducing the upper fang teeth, we have corrected the tie position to smarten up the appearance of the male and finally, have added a tan to skin complexion of the male. We have also sharpened the photo so it’s clarity is a step up from the original.

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