Frequently Asked Questions – Photo Restoration

How do I place an order?

Send us an enquiry using the enquiries page. Attach your photo and we will provide you with a free consultation and quotation regardless of whether you go ahead with the work.

If you wish to go ahead with the work we will complete the work and e mail you with a proof. Only when you’re happy with this will payment be required. Payment is made by Secure Payment using your debit or credit card.

When payment has been received your finish product will be sent to you via email. Alternatively if photo prints/canvas/posters have been ordered they will be sent directly to your address.

What if I have more than one photo?

Our enquiry form only allows for the sending of one image. If you have more than one image to send there are a number of options.

1.     Send the further image/images separately using the enquiry form.

2.     Send via e mail to info@redrosephotos.co.uk and upload the images as an attachment to the email.

3.     Save the images to disk and send them via post.

What if the photo needs scanning?

Scanning a photo is fairly straight forward and there are numerous outlets offering this service so you can scan the photo, upload it on to your computer and e mail it to us the normal way.

When scanning a resolution of at least 600ppi is best because this will give you a photo up to twice the size of the original. If you require a bigger size image – for a poster or canvas for example – a larger resolution is advised. 1200ppi will give you up to 4 times the original size and 2400ppi 8 times the original size. Images should be saved as JPEG or JPG at maximum quality.

Alternatively you can send your original photos to us to scan.

Are there any restrictions?

We will not work on illegal photos – pornography, pictures with firearms/drugs etc.

The photos must have the permission of the owner for copyright reasons.