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Photo of Brent Di Cesare at Red Rose Photos

Brent Di Cesare

Owner – Red Rose Photos

Photo restoration has been a passion of mine ever since a relative gave me some old family photos a few years back. The satisfaction gained from restoring those old photos made me realise from a young age that this was profession I wanted to develop in and eventually Red Rose Photos was born. For me, there’s no better medium than a visual image. A photo can say so many different things to so many different people. A photo is a moment in time captured forever. So to be able to work on those moments and repair photos back to their original state is something Red Rose Photos take great pride in. It’s not about us, it’s about you and your photos.

Why Choose Our Photo Restoration Service?


Old photo restoration, photo repair, restore old photos, picture restoration, it’s all the same to us and it all comes down to one thing, providing you with a specialist photograph restoration service. Using our wealth of photo restoration experience and state of the art technology we’re equipped to provide you with a service that is second to none. Operating out of Solihull, Birmingham our Photo Restoration Service provides professional photograph restoration right across the UK and in some cases, beyond. So take that first step to restoring your old photos back today and experience the excellence of our service today.


Like no two photos are exactly the same, each damaged photo is different and each photo restoration presents it’s own unique challenge. We have repaired and restored countless damaged photos. That’s why you can take confidence in our picture restoration service. Water damage, mould damage, faded photos, light damaged photos, scratched photos, photo staining, mending tears and folds, photo creasing, torn photos, missing pieces from photos. We’ve repaired photos suffering with all these issues and more.


We believe in the adage ” You get what you pay for” and our vast experience of the photograph restoration industry confirms this. So whilst we can guarantee the most competitive prices in the industry we can substantiate our offers with our excellent level of service as well. We believe in providing you with value for money and you can be assured that when you come to us with photos that need restoring you’ll get the best price possible with the best service. In addition to this we always have discounted offers running so contact us today to see what we can do for you.


We pride ourselves on our fast and friendly photo restoration service. From the moment we receive an enquiry to the moment we supply you with your restored image, we make sure we’re providing an informed and speedy service every step of the way. You’ll experience a level of service that is punctual, attentive and most importantly focussed on you the customer. When you entrust us with your photos that need repairing we give you our full attention throughout the restoration process.

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